You just need to find your Indie-Hacker-Parenting-Pattern


I am in parents shoes right now and I’m pushing myself and trying to manage marriage, baby, work, and side projects. It is difficult, the kid takes all the time I previously had for side projects and by saying this I am not complaining about it because the baby is the best thing that ever happened in my life, but this is the truth.

As a parent and indie hacker at the same time, I find it quite difficult to manage the time and get at least a few hours a week for an indie hacker project.

One day I decided to take a look at how I spend my time during the day. I would make a list of all things I do. If we exclude all the time spent on my job and with my family and a baby we get to the point of “free time”. In other words, this free time was not free as I would waste most of it and not be productive. I would waste it on YouTube, memes and social media, etc.

So I concluded if I want to make my indie hacker career work I would need to change something right away.

I have found a pattern which worked for me so far:

In general, you want to detect the time you spend during a day and remove everything which you think is not needed. The list above worked for me, maybe it will work for you too.


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